Method and Materials

To stick to creating the experience,we make sure that each mango we pick, each spice that marinated with, is made of the highest quality. We believe that every morsel of every cuisine must be prepared with a style that is unique in flavour and favour. And so we spare no expense in purchasing the finest raw materials from their places of repute.

Mangoes(chinna rasalu) from Nooziveedu, Vellagapandu ( woodapple ) from Srisailam and Maharashtra, Chinthakaya ( tamarind) , Red chilli and Amla from various parts of AP

Our methods and ingredients are more than parts of making a product. They are about going back to the roots of making the pickles but coming back passionate and a little different. To ensure the ideal turns into the real, we follow two procedures not found anywhere else.

First , our product is always fresh due to our constant process of turning semi-finished products into finished products. This is a little throwback on our part to keep your memories and tastebuds alive.

Second, even though we are uncompromisingly hygienic and use a mechanised system where it's necessary, all our products have the touch of mother’s and grandmother’s affection, of the warmth of the home food; because wherever we can we always include the human touch by our employees. We exact hygiene but expect nothing more than their endearment in their job while mixing and making, so that the pickle you eat feels fondly flavourous.

Pickles With No Preservatives

We have strict thumbs down policy towards preservatives except SaJaTa. No worries, its not about Telugu grammar, its Salt , Jaggery and Tamarind.

Furthermore, we have deep reservations about use of preservatives.

Mango Pickles

Special Pickles

Powders / Mix

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