“When the greens tied the knot to get red” .

That aroma of the freshly plucked mangoes straight from the farm.The gentle pitter-patter of the bushel of mangoes.

When the flock of mangoes are adjusting and whispering among them to get ready to mingle. All the smiling mangoes hinting the readiness for the preparatory. And that moment when the aromatic shy bride communicates with her looks


And then their grooming begins in the skilful hands of the expertise

Done with adorning, now ready to get shaped in edible form.

The twitching of the little pieces when they are sprinkled by Fenugreek seeds.

The bridal make-up goes on with the red (Chilli Powder), white(Salt) and brown(Fenugreek Power/Mustard Powder) shades mixed with skilled proportion in order to bring out the charm and charisma along with the flavour.

Time for the whole beautification after grooming and finally the settling of the bride in the context.

It is still incomplete without the oil that aligns every element added in place. Now time for some final-touch and then the bride gets happily settled in the jars.

The bride is eagerly waiting to get married to the groom who is ready to respect her flavour with all love and affection. For pickles also bear emotions measuring the essence satisfaction of the consumers. When they are ready to get cut into pieces and then embellish, why not we respect its sacrifice by devouring it. Grab the taste of the original mango pickle. Pickles do speak the language of taste and essence. For mango is love and mango pickle is beyond love. Direct from the farm, groomed by us and straight to your hearts. Get your craving satisfied by the authentic taste of mango pickle. Never let go of the wish to taste the real mango pickle.