wood apple pickle

Wood Apple Pickle | Velagapandu Pachadi

As Mukthi was walking home, she sees two girls skipping by and she smiles as she reminisces her own childhood with her twin Keerthi. The two girls used to come home and throw their shoes in different directions with giggles and rush to the kitchen. Their rumbles in their tummy were always sated by the Velagapandu Pickle their “amma” used to make with curd, that sated their hunger temporarily and gave them enough energy to play outside.


Mukthi reaches home and unlocks the door and her kid jumps from the TV and hugs her. She laughs with her daughter, as she also thinks back on how her sister and herself used to fight for more pieces of the Velagapandu with each saying that the other got extra ones by saying, “Mom loves me more today, look, I got more slices than you”. The sister duo and mom would burst out in laughter after this, like an everyday ritual. 

Wood apple pickle

27 years later, Mukthi sighs at the memories. She was happy now too, but she missed the giggles and silly fights. Wanting to relive their everyday ritual, she rings up her sister and asks her to come over for dinner. She reaches for the jar of Jandhyala Pickle’s Velagapandu- the only one which has been able to replicate the recipe that has been passed on from mothers to daughters over decades. 

wood apple pickle

She finishes preparing the meal and places the Velagapandu Jar with a bowl of fresh curd and hot rice. Just then the bell rings and the kid opens the door to her aunt. As they hug and join Mukthi, the sisters sit down to relive their memories and childhood. With the addition of her daughter to the family ritual.